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  1. Blog
    Needs some help! My remote central locking does not work, the key fob will arm and disarm the alarm but won't open the doors or boot! Does it need to be reprogrammed or is there another fix! I have read various blogs regarding this problem and that the eka code is required, I know I can get this...
  2. Introduce yourself
    Hi, I am new here so just a quick introduction, My name is Dean and I have a 51plate Rover 25 (mg look a like) My reason for joining is to shed some light on my keyfob/immobiliser problem, From what I have seen it seems to be quite a common fault My fob has broken, I opened it up and the metal...
  3. Wanted
    Looking for a Valeo 2 button IR or RF R600/R800 fob for spares and repairs, so don't care if it works or not. Must have very good buttons. Do not want the Lucas type fob on the left:
1-3 of 3 Results