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    anyone got an idea about radio codes on a 75 ? the numbers on it are vdcd3042008852 any help would be most appreciated thanks
  2. MG Rover Codes
    Rover R570 Radio Code Online Service We can supply the radio code for the Rover Philips R570 22DC570 / 60E Cassette Player normally fitted in a Rover. To get the radio code simply provide the 14 digit serial number beginning with RG, the serial number is located on the unit itself, this...
  3. MG Rover Codes
    Rover R770 Radio Codes. We are often asked do we supply radio codes for the Philips R770, yes we do! To get a Rover R770 radio code simply telephone 01379 669 375 or visit our website.
  4. Other Manufacturer models
    Peugeot 206 Radio Codes available instantly, all models regardless of age. We supply codes for all Peugeot vehicles. Key Code - Transponder / Immobiliser Code - Radio Code
  5. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    Hi Members We have had many customers recently stuck in car parks late at night including a lot of AA break downs, DON'T GET STUCK get your EKA code today within the hour for only £12.00 it's easy to do just one phone call. For this reason we have decided to have a Sunday sale day, which we...