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  1. For Sale
    MG ZS 180 VHS Bilstein Dampers (Vehicle handling solutions). £300 These Bilstein Dampers where with the car when purchased and are no longer required. They where purchased by the pervious owner who covered minmal miles and as a result they are in very good condition. However one of the front...
  2. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    And forgive me for asking a question here, I'm not a frequent web forum user and I can't figure how else to start a new thread. I know, it's amazing I can dress myself in the mornings... I have a Rover 25 '01 which seems to have a solenoid related issue - in that the starter is new (old one was...
  3. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    Hi. I have a 53 plate ZS 120. I think it is a good car. Bloody shame parts are now harder to come by; I think mine deserves to live quite a bit longer.
  4. For Sale
    So after stripping some mods of my rover 25 mk1, because I am preparing to sell it, I have some of my mods up for sale. Lexus Lights which I fly eyed when i first got them because I didnt like the clear shiny look they had. Fly eye stuff can be removed with some liquid you can buy from fly eye...
  5. MGF and MGTF
    Hello everyone I've currently got my whole engine out of the car. I've had the head skimmed and a new block put in. While the engine was out the mechanic (Russell) told me i needed a new clutch as well. My question to you guys is, while the engine is out what else should i buy now and have...
  6. For Sale
    I have a silver Peugeot 306 XL, 1.4l petrol for sale. It was in an accident a few weeks back, no structural damage as far as the mechanics can tell but the drivers side, front corner took the damage so the wing, bumper, light and bonnet are all damaged to varying degrees. Here's a pic: Plus...
  7. For Sale
    I have for sale a Stainless Steel exhaust system for a 1994 216i cabriolet with the Honda 'D' series engine. It has an oval end and looks fantastic on the car, as seen in my pics in the cabby gallery. I fitted the backbox to my car to take those pics and then removed it, to fit at a later date...
  8. MGF and MGTF
    Okay I'm bored ... what about a little game ? :) Post a pic (or better a cut-out) with just one hint / tag. If it's not clear on the pic, tell us what part you mean exactly. The winner posts the next pic / question. I shall begin with an easy one, want the rod pointing to the left
1-8 of 10 Results