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  1. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    Hi all. I purchased a beautiful MG TF 2003 a few weeks ago. I love this car. I thought it would be a good idea to check the paint work, fix any tiny scratches, etc...However there seems to be several shades of silver for this model. So, I opened the bonnet and checked the plate for the...
  2. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    Hi guys. I've been wondering about my 200 recently... There's a few rusty arches, bumper scuffs and several bits of trim I want colour coded. In addition to this, I want to smooth the chrome strpis in the front bumper and maybe cut a hole for a cold air feed. Also I have my fibreglass ZR kit...
  3. Other Motoring Chat
    Just brought the car back from its awayday having its bumper given a makeover by Dr. Dial. The result is beautiful! I was surprised to find he (in the Worthing area) is only about an hour's drive away from my home (providing there is no Super All-Sussex Sheep Fair on your return route :doh:)...
1-3 of 3 Results