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  1. MGF and MGTF
    Hi, Had an MOT failure for rust on the offside Sill being within 30 cm of the suspension mounting - I think this may be a common problem with Rover's in general I know a friend of mine had his 75 needing the Sill replaced. My question is, is this an expensive procedure to get this cut out and...
  2. Blog
    I spent yesterday servicing and preparing the Rover 25 1.6 for its MOT this week. My check list was: Cataclean in fuel - emissions is always difficult so I put through a fuel treatment to give it the best chance. Read OBDII codes - none. Check seat belts and interior. Check lights/ horn/...
  3. MG ZT / Rover 75
    Handbrake Compensator Modified no longer available Handbrake (Stainless Steel) Hi this is a message about the Stainless Steel handbrake compensators i modify, which will not stretch or snap but keep your handbrake in good order once it as been set up. From Monday 16/07/2012 i will be...
  4. MGF and MGTF
    Sigh. Failed on too much play in front ball joints. Having the work done on Friday, but can anyone give me an estimate of what it might cost? This on top of my rear screen splitting in the frost on Tuesday. (anyone know of a glass screen fitter close to Oxford - I've had enough. I'm looking at...
  5. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    hi guys :) Right, as the title says really I've got my lovely rover booked in for her yearly checkup next monday, and just want to know if there's any common things I should check in the mean time. Can't afford for it to be off the road so anything I can check would help Here's what I've gone...
  6. How Do I - Answers To Common Problems.
    I've seen a few Q&A's over the past few weeks and it seems it might be a good idea to have a pointer to the latest copy of the MOT Testers manual available to all... I know you can google it but here it as just in case you'll need a suitable ZIP...
  7. Other Motoring Chat
    Driving through France yesterday I picked up a small chip in my windscreen in the centre where the wiper blades go maybe a couple of millimetres wide and maybe a centimetre high. I actually first thought it was a squashed insect. I am aware that a car can fail an MoT on a windscreen chip. I...
  8. Wanted
    I am looking for a cheap, MOT passable 220sdi-sd, it is for a daily run about, i have about £400 to spend. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Louis
  9. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    WTF?! I have the 103 Rover Streetwise and last Christmas put on a custom stainless steel exhaust. Mix of power flow and janspeed parts. Used to have a precat in the middle of the manifold, now gone, just a single cat near the back box. Car failed it's MOT a couple of weeks ago, turns out the...
  10. Blog
    The 75 has passed TÜV with ease today. :)
1-10 of 10 Results