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  1. How Do I - Answers To Common Problems.
    This conversion apply to Rover 25, 400/45, MG ZR and ZS. All these models have same mirror for RHD cars as well for LHD cars. The point is in the fact that you can adjust the mirror to suite RHD car or LHD car. This thread...
  2. Wanted
    Hi I need both sides ideally but mainly the passenger side as someone broke mine. This is the HHR version R reg I have bought these from a member already, thanks
  3. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    Hi all , just purchased 2 electric side mirrors from a zr for my 2000/25 from another org member and was just wondering.. are the internals of the manual mirror the same as electric one apart from mechanism obviously ? (ie can I transplant the innards so I keep the current colour coded...
  4. MG ZT / Rover 75
    I got a "new" auto dimming interior mirror for my MG ZT 2.0 Diesel Cdti and need to remove the common (old) one and put that one on. Is there any technique for that like turning-and-sliding out or ? PLEASE HELP as I do not want to try forcing it in any way ~!
  5. Non Car Items
    Ok here we have a great Beer Collectable! It’s a BOMBARDIER OFFICIAL Beer Sign with the mirror background. CHARLES WELLS BOMBARDIER Measurement’s: 65cm long by 46cm high BRAND NEW - and comes in the wooden frame as seen in the picture. A real Collectors piece and I haven’t seen another...
1-5 of 5 Results