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  1. MGF and MGTF
    I've got a spare VVC k series head sitting in the garage, so i thought i better make use of it. Does anyone have any advice when porting the VVC head as i haven't done a rover one before. Cheers
  2. Introduce yourself
    Hi All Just bought a MGF with 38.000 miles on the clock in brilliant condition, however i already cant drive it as i have problems with a warning light connected to the Steptronic gearbox. It seems i cant drive it 0ver 35000 revs as this when the warning lights flash up and it revs like mad!. O...
  3. Wanted
    Hello, if you happen to have a set of reflectors that you would be willing to post to Brisbane Australia it will be appreciated. I had my destroyed by a chroming place and ended up with no reflectors. I have all the rest. Just need one for each side. Doesn't matter if no chrome, just need...
  4. Introduce yourself
    Hi all Just wanted to say hello, got my first mgf on Sunday, love it although it does look like the wee fellow has a hgf can anyone advise a garage which knows what it's doing with this sort of problem in the Edinburgh area
  5. For Sale
    On behalf of a friend I have a 1998 MGF VVC in purple (Amaranth KMN) which I am breaking for spares. I have the complete car to strip, so please let me know what parts you need. please Email: [email protected]
  6. MGF VVC Jon Norris

    In the car park before Donington's 75th
1-6 of 6 Results