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  1. MG 6
    Hi I just bought an MG6 and the stop/start doesn't function at all. I have been driving it for a couple of weeks now and the previous owner did say that the battery had just been recently changed. It says in the manual about "resetting" the battery sensor but I can't find anywhere online that...
  2. MG / SAIC / Roewe Related Chat
    Hello everyone 😊 My name is Daniel and I own MG550 2011 1.8T, the same as roewe550 and MG6. Out of nowhere, my car won't start, the engine is spinning but not starting. The injectors have been checked and are working fine, all the fuses are fine, coils have been changed and still not starting...
  3. MG 6
    Hi, I’d like some positive advice on buying an MG6 please. What to look for etc. I know the clutch appears to be an issue is this on petrol, diesel or both engines? So I will check the history. Are there any other issues anyone can tell me about? Just out of interest, Is there an automatic...
  4. MG 6
    So my entertainment system was going very slow and it was saying that bluetooth was still connected although it wasn't so I selected Delete user data from the settings menu on my MG 6 (2016). It set it was resetting and now its stuck on black screen with white crosshair. Every time you touch...
  5. MG 6
    Hi all, I was wondering if you could help please. My car is vibrating badly when cold from the engine, it does it when idling and when off the accelerator when driving, no loss of power or anything though. When the engine is warm it seems to be driving normally. Anyone have any ideas please...
  6. MG 6
    Hi does anyone know anywhere that specializes in mg 6 spares I've rang around so many breakers for parts I need the little plastic roller the wires roll around on the electric Windows but mg won't sell them separately
  7. MG 6
    Does anyone know of any handbrake cables that may fit the mg6 gt as I have been equated over £600 pound for it off mg as you have to actually purchase the handbrake as well as the cables It's a 61 plate if that helps
  8. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    Hi All Just dropping in to introduce myself. Recently purchased a second hand MG 6 SE GT 2014 Love the car so far, one issue I have is that the radio is not finding any station on any frequency, looking for suggestions on what it could be and any how to guides on fixing. I have a feeling it's...
  9. MG 6 Thanks to RichardK for getting this out - I was wondering whether they were still going to make July TBH! Looks like we get photos tomorrow!
  10. MG / Rover Related Chat - up to 2005
    How much preparation does Longbridge need to be readied for the MG6 line to start? I mean, can we expect a hive of activity there in the new year as things are got ready, or will just minimum things be needed? Is it not going down the old 75 line (which is still there?) Also, does anyone have...
  11. MG 6
    unfortunately for me judging by the comments i've seen on other forums the reaction so far isn't looking to good. cheap chinese junk with a british badge seems to be the common comment. unless mg's pr department gets its act together on launch this could be another failiure. i hope not but...
  12. MG 6
    The new MG6 entering the show hall in Guangzhou. Order book opens Monday! I personally think this is gorgeous I will be ordering one the day the UK book opens!
1-12 of 13 Results