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  1. MG 3
    I am having an issue with the locking on my MK1 MG3. The fob won't unlock the doors, but it will lock them. To get into the car I need to use the key, but it only unlocks the driver's door. Once in the car and after the doors lock, I am unable to open any doors with the internal handles, I need...
  2. MG 3
    Hi I have a 2017 mg3 1.5 and was wondering where the filler plug is for the gearbox. I have found the drain plug but not sure where the filler plug is.
  3. MG 3
    I have an mg mg3 2020 (70 plate) that I assume the usb port is faulty. Iv tried many leads and different phones but still same issue. When I plug device in it says charging, 3 seconds later it stops and I can't use car play without it plugged in Is there any way to replace or anything? Iv...
  4. MG 3
    I am unable to open the front passenger door from the inside, but I can open it from the outside. Does anyone have any information on how to remove the door card? I assume once this is removed I will be able to see whether there is a problem with the mechanism. Thanks for any help.
  5. MG 3
    Hi everyone, Just recently became the owner of a 68 plate MG3 and loving it so far, but have ran into a slight issue. Basically, the rear heater doesn't work. Nor does the water spray. BUT, the window wiper works. When I press the button on the dash for the rear heater, I hear a clicking...
  6. MG 3
    Hi everybody, Having issues with my new MG3 2022 vti. The fuel cap won't open - the outside cover opens fine but to actually open the black cap it seems stuck. I can turn it to tighten and hear the clicks but I'm unsure if I'm just causing a bigger issue and tightening it more. Have any of...
  7. MG 3
    I have just brought 2 carousel alloy wheels with tyres from Brown and Gammons only £45 each. Both wheels came with no damaged on, i thought I should tell people about the deal.
  8. MG 3
    Hi My 2016 mg3 radio (non touch screen) will not turn On or Off with the ignition. This means I have to manually turn it on resulting in it allways being in 30 minute mode, which is meant for when the car is off. I also have to turn off the radio manually too. Does anyone have any ideas on how...
  9. MG 3
    Hi all just in case this happens to you! the wife's MG3 (No not the clutch sticking down !) had an issue resulting in the RAC not bothering to recover her home ! (Another story, for another time!) Well I went to check it out (After RAC not turning up for two hours!) Sure enough clutch was...
  10. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    Hi everyone, Just thought I would say hi, I have a 1995 Rover 214Sei 5 door K16 & the wife has an MG3 1.5 2015 model. Had my rover for a few years now & have replaced clutch, timing belt & water pump & front suspension arms etc brakes the usual consumables ! Bodywork is 'In Progress' :-) Mat
  11. MG 3
    Ok Folks Here goes. Purchased 2019 registered car in June 20, By March 2021 Original Chinese Battery exhausted. Dealer said none in stock so make my own arrangements. Bought a BOSCH start stop battery from fast fit agency. All's well until may 2022 "Radio Module Initialising" message, only one...
  12. MG 3
    Hi everyone, I have an MG3 2013 (63 plate). About 18 months ago while driving the radio suddenly switched itself off (with a bit of a loud pop through the speakers). It immediately came back on. As time has gone on the problem has got more frequent. It’s completely random. Sometimes I can do a...
  13. MG 3
    hi guys I'm a new member to the MG3 community recently purchased a 2016 model I'm pretty happy with the overall product however if i could change one thing it would be the lack of a touchscreen navigator/stereo I've had a look online for one to fit in but I've only come across android...
  14. MG 3
    Hey, Can anyone tell me the size and wattage of the mg3 2016 plate interior bulb? Thank you in advance!
  15. MG 3
    After some experimentation I've found a decent sized USB stick that works with the MG3 (some sticks just throw up a reading error) but I can't fathom out the random playback modes at all. The lack of feedback indicating which modes are enabled doesn't help. So far the following has happened...
1-15 of 15 Results