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  1. MG ZS / Rover 45 & 400
    Hello all, I am making this post because I am interested in buying a Mk1 MG ZS 120. It looks in pretty good condition with very minimal damage and no rust, however reading about the HGF on the internet made me worried about it. The car has done 140k miles (230k km's) and costs 850 euros (760...
  2. Diesel Forum!
    I've not managed to find any reference to anyone mating a six-speed gearbox to the L-series diesel, which I'm keen to do for my 2002 ZS. Had anyone achieved such a thing? Or even a 5-speed with more widely spaced gears would be an acceptable alternative Mike
  3. ZS SUV (since 2017 on)
    I bought a used MG ZS 1.5 Excite 2018 plate from a dealer less than 30 days ago and noticed after driving it for a few days that the car feels like it is going to stall / judders. This happens mainly after shifting into second gear but can also happen from a stop. I have read some of the other...
  4. Blog
    Over the weekend I sold my MG ZS. I was sad to see it go as it has served me well for the last ~10 years, is still in g.c. and has plenty of miles left in it. I hope the new owner enjoys the ZS as much as I did... :wavecry:
  5. Cars For Sale
    I have just part ex my MG ZS saloon 05 plate in green, I have 2 weeks before the new car arrives so if anyone wants to make an offer I would sell the car instead of part ex, its got 74 k on the clock in green with full body kit, I know it was one of the last ones made.. MOT Aug 13 tax Dec 31...
  6. For Sale
    Well the time as come and the ZS TD on a 05 plates got to go, I have put it in for part ex but if anyone on here is interested I have 2 weeks before the new car arrives, the MG is 05 saloon in green with full body kit 74k on the clock, please contact me if you are interested I would prefer to...
  7. Introduce yourself
    Hello, My name is Joe and I am a new member to this forum and now a very proud owner of my first MG - A 2003 MG ZS+ 120. I graduated from my Computer Science degree last year and have been working as a Systems Engineer for an Information Security company since. My place of work is 20 miles...
  8. For Sale
    Rover 45/ MG ZS hatchback black cloth seats these are the old seats out of my 160'000 miles rover 45 impression S. they are in near perfect condition, don't smell and the drivers seat shows barely any wear, and there is next to none on the others. the passenger side has a tiny burn mark on...
  9. MG ZS / Rover 45 & 400
    Ok, strange question here. Having read my owners manual re changing the dipped beam headlight bulb itseemed an easy job until it wasnt on the inboard set of quads. On my car dipped beam is on the outboard pair of quads. Also according to the book the main beam lights should have H1 bulbs in...
  10. MG/R Modification & Tuning
    Hi, ive found some nice car matts for a ZS, but i have a ZR, would they be too big to fit in my car? After all, most of the mat goes under the seats anyway...
  11. MG ZS

    Again, no idea who's this is
  12. MG ZS spoof advert

    A little bit coarse, but captures the sniffypetroleum essence of it all...
  13. our MGZS 120

    We have had it two weeks, finally got round to photographing it LOL
1-13 of 13 Results