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  1. MGF and MGTF
    Hello all, new to the forum, can't believe how much information there is here! I'd like to drop in my TF story so far if that's alright. A few weeks ago a friend and I spent some money set aside for a holiday on a nice TF as our bit of summer fun instead. We loved the look of the TF as a...
  2. MGF and MGTF
    Hi everybody! Recently I discovered that my MG TF 1.6 2003 had the head gasket gone! Also, it’s have’s bad compression in all 4 pistons. I was thinking of replacing the engine with another, but I have the fear of all happening again... So... Anyone knows any ENGINE SWAP for the MG TF that isn’t...
  3. Cars For Sale
    Sadly looking for a good home for my 2004 MG TF. MOT to July 2021. FSH. Cam belt changed in 2016 at 25,881 miles, so less than 1k miles on since then. Good condition, a couple marks on bodywork so not showroom but a nice-looking car. Matching hard top. Leather bucket seats. SORN September 2019...
  4. MG TF 115

    MG TF 115

  5. For Sale
    After an unfortunate incident this morning, I am rather sadly offering for sale my private plates. I know there's some sensitivity around declaring registration numbers / cloning, etc. These ones are five digits long, and you should be able to guess the first four! Please private-message me...
  6. Blog
    I have just completed a weekend in the South West of England, clocking up 800 miles in 4 days. All I can say is wow! I am majorly impressed! As a relatively new owner, I was expecting all sorts of troubles, but not a single issue! Drove to Crewkerne, in Somerset, from Kent on Friday Onto...
  7. Introduce yourself
    Hi all. I purchased a beautiful MG TF 2003 a few weeks ago. I love this car. I thought it would be a good idea to check the paint work, fix any tiny scratches, etc...However there seems to be several shades of silver for this model. So, I opened the bonnet and checked the plate for the...
  8. Cars For Sale
    SOLD 2002 (52) MG TF 115 (1.6) I bought this car earlier this year and have just finished rebuilding it. The car has just had a replacement front wing, bumper & bonnet (Damage was minimal and not linked OR Recorded!, Pictures below to prove). New Parts: - Re-Conditioned Head - MLS Gasket +...
  9. MGF and MGTF
    Hi All, Hoping someone will be able to help me with a small problem. The seal between my hard top and the car body has perished and I need to order a replacement. There are two different seals (one at £12.20 and one at £38.95) according to the diagrams on the MGOC Spares site. Any idea which...
  10. MGF and MGTF
    Hi All, I'm hoping someone will know the answer tho this question. I have a problem with my hard top where the main hard top to body seal under the rear window has perished. I need to get it replaced but there are two similar parts listed at very different price points and i'm not sure if I...
  11. MGF and MGTF
    Hi, Hope someone here can help. Received my kit from QED (thanks for all your help Simon) the other day (cams, TB's, DTA S40, valves, etc) and set to work sorting out wiring. Now on the MEMS3 it has connections to the alarm ECU, the ABS ECU, & the instrument panel (unsure of what it connects to...
  12. Introduce yourself
    Hi All, Long time lurker, thought it about time I register, was looking into being a supporter, however I cannot really see the benefits for someone who doesn't live in the UK. Please if someone can tell me why I should join (discounts are of no use, all I can see of "benefit" is uploading...
  13. Introduce yourself
    Just thought i would say hi to everyone as i purchased the MG TF Convertible yesterday! Its an 04 plate in Dark Grey 1.6! Once i have it all sparkly and clean i will post a few pics for you to take a quick look at. Cheers
  14. MGF and MGTF
    Hi all! I Have recently bagged myself a TF 135 Sunstorm (for a bargin price) and I think I have fallen in love! Firstly I want to send a huge thanks for the awesome advice I have managed to get from this site, it helped me to do a number of things: 1. Buy a decent motor using the buying guide...
  15. Wanted
    Desperate to find a pair of front discs for my daughters MG TF 160, these are the ones with the twin pot red calipers, can anyone help? email: [email protected]
  16. Suspended MG TF

    Suspended MG TF

    Photo source: official Chinese MG website
  17. Let's Take The MG

    Let's Take The MG

    Lot's of TF's
  18. MG TF Spoof ad

    MG TF Spoof ad

    Another of my little spoof adverts...
  19. The Next TF special edition ??

    The Next TF special edition ??

    Just a bit of fun with Photoshop
  20. My new friends

    My new friends