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  1. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    Hello all, You will not find me very interesting. I am an ex-pat, don't own a car, and I won't even acquire one until I have returned to the UK. BUT......I am, albeit nostalgically, an admirer of Austins, Rovers and MG. I am educating myself about more of the models from these marques. Hence my...
  2. Metro / Rover 100
    Hi All, Hoping someone can help with this problem. I have a 1994 Rover Metro 1125cc petrol. It was fine the first year I had it, although I didn't drive it a huge amount. Then I found that after driving it for 15 mins or more especially in warm weather, if I stopped for a short while e.g. to...
  3. Metro / Rover 100
    Hi I have a 1997 Rover 114 SLI and the the temperature gauge stopped working after I took the car off the road in the winter. I've never had any problems with the gauge before but since the spring the gauge doesn't work. I've earthed a piece of wire from the connector that plugs into the sensor...
  4. Metro / Rover 100
    I prefer the old style headlights on something like the 1993 Rover Metro, but is it possible to put these on something like a newer 1997 Rover 100? The front fender's look similar where the indicator sits. It looks like the bonnet would need to change, and maybe the front bumper? Can any one...
  5. Metro / Rover 100
    Hi, I'm looking to replace the gearbox on my 1997 Rover 114 Sli, as it grinds specifically when shifting both up, and down, into second gear. I know it currently has a R65 gearbox in it, and many other Rover models use this gearbox. Now, I was wondering if I would have to replace the current...
  6. For Sale
    1990 Metro 1.1S, 3 door 1998 100 1.1 Ascot, 5 door Vehicles located in Cornwall, happy to post most parts. PayPal payments accepted. Contact Simon on 07522 415466 for more info and prices.
  7. Metro / Rover 100
    Bought a set of these but the central hole is too small to fit over the centre of the wheel hubs on my R registered Rover 100 Ascot SE. Does anyone know if these need spacers or something to clear the hub centers?
  8. Wanted
    Hi I am looking for panels for my 1992 rover Metro GTI. The car is a rebuild project and is in pretty bad shape at the moment, I need drivers side door, bonnet, and both wings. The paint code is COF. Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. MG / Rover Related Chat - up to 2005
    Saw an article in today's Telegraph, not yet on-line, saying that the Metro is 30 years old this year. The dealer launch was on an aircraft carrier! Randomly, when I googled it, I got this: (the Szenzhen Special Economic Region is...
  10. DSCF5064

  11. Lots of Metro's

  12. Piccadilly!

    Reg takes a Kia on the inside!
  13. Reg at Earls Court for the Parking Show!

    Reginald Molehusband was a fictional character who starred in a public information film, shown on British TV during the 1970s. The role of Molehusband was played by Ian Gardiner. Molehusband was depicted as the country's worst driver when it came to parking his Austin 1100 car. The film shows the o
  14. my_car

    this is my loud 1.1 metro
  15. metro

    slammed, wide mouthed, coded, debadged, vipered, touring strip.

    bad boy bonnet, lowered plate. By Barber.
  17. ROVER 100 REVAMP

  18. Gregg'sMetro

    My car at Trax 2003, with its 2 week old compomotive wheels
  19. Metros

1-20 of 20 Results