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  1. MG / Rover Related Chat - up to 2005
    My daughter has just passed her test and I'm looking for her first car. She's 25 and a very careful driver like her Mum. I'm looking at a Rover 200 but diesel versions are about £200 more expensive to insure than petrol ones. :eek: Why is that? Surely the 'boy' racers are all petrolheads not...
  2. Car Insurance Questions
    Basically, Grandfather can no longer drive, but wants to keep his car outside his property for me to use to take him to appointments etc to save my poor Rover doing all the work. His car was insured with SAGA, who will not add me as the driver because I'm 27. So we have cancelled the policy...
  3. Other Motoring Chat
    Link: As usual I wonder how long before an insurance company screws up someones MID information and then ends up with a fine or worse... But still anything for combating uninsured drivers is surly a good thing, right?
  4. Car Insurance Questions
    I'm not looking to debate the merits of using winter tyres in the UK here, I'll use other motoring chat if need be. :) After a discussion with my insurance company, it seems they will only allow the manufactures homologated tyre sizes and speed rating without declaring winter tyres a mod and...
  5. Car Insurance Questions
    Having spent a while reading a lot of threads on insurance I think it may be helpful to throw something together to show people that replying to the question "Where do I go for cheap car insurance?" isn't as straight forward an answer as they may think. Love it or hate it, we all need car...
  6. Car Insurance Questions
  7. Car Insurance Questions
    Woo for the new forum. Recently I have advised many members here to enquire about insurance through a broker to ensure they are getting the best deal. A broker is an agent, partly working on your behalf, who will take your details and offer you the best deal(s) from the companies he or she...
1-7 of 8 Results