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  1. MG 3
    After some experimentation I've found a decent sized USB stick that works with the MG3 (some sticks just throw up a reading error) but I can't fathom out the random playback modes at all. The lack of feedback indicating which modes are enabled doesn't help. So far the following has happened...
  2. MG ZS / Rover 45 & 400
    Hi all - I'm fitting a subwoofer to my Mk2 45, and I need a reasonable-current 12v supply for it. Where can I find one inside the car, or what is the easiest route for getting out of the cabin and into the engine bay for the battery?
  3. R216 ice

    R216 ice

    2 x vibe CBR's 12", 4 x fly 200w mid range door components, 1 x spl 1.3 farad power cap, 0.2gauge wiring kit 1 x 1000w digi monoblock amp, 110db without setting op for spl testing.
  4. ICE 5

    ICE 5

    Pioneer AVIC-X1BT
  5. ICE 4

    ICE 4

    Pioneer AVIC-X1BT
  6. ICE 3

    ICE 3

    Pioneer AVIC-X1BT
  7. ICE 2

    ICE 2

    Pioneer AVIC-X1BT
  8. ICE 1

    ICE 1

    Pioneer AVIC-X1BT
  9. Power Capaciter

    Power Capaciter

    cut down on battery drain
  10. Kenwood 1000w Amps

    Kenwood 1000w Amps

  11. PICT0098


  12. Ice


    2x Ground Zero 10" Subs GZ Amp in v strong bootbuild
  13. Big G's ICE

    Big G's ICE

    2000W RMS of bass, all Rockford kit and its makes a bit of a noise. The xbox is good fun too! Any Q's just ask I'd be pleased to answer.
  14. Pioneer Deh P6100

    Pioneer Deh P6100

    Nice..wait til you see the dolphins!