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  1. MG / SAIC / Roewe Related Chat
    how to change led bulb in headlight? I need information and tutorial ... thanks
  2. Wanted
    Morning all OS driver's side Rover 100/114 headlamp levelling motor needed asap please. I have been trying to get my 114 SLI to factory perfect condition and have undone some clumsy repairs by "auto centres" paid for by the previous elderly owner, eg charging £100 to fit the wrong mirror...
  3. For Sale
    NOW SOLD!! Having bought the correct headlight unit for my 2000 MGF I have for sale the one that was incorrectly fitted by a dealer 12 months ago. I have the invoice and it cost the previous owner £169, plus fitting! I am informed it's a Trophy unit as the front part is black, not chromed as...
1-3 of 3 Results