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  1. General Motorsport
    This thread begins by jumping up to see some free practice and getting the flower show. OK for tough sportscar rallyers ;) I suppose. I now vaguely remember Monte Carlo free practice is on Thursdays. Not a good start to the thread. :facepalm:
  2. General Motorsport
    Three new teams have been okayed to join - that would be 20 cars + 6. Sauber do not currently have permission - 18 + 6. Toyota "are pulling out" - 16 + 6? Will all three of the new teams make it? 16 + x? IIRC if only 8 teams take part they can be forced to run three cars each - is that right?
  3. General Motorsport
    The facilities look tremendous. Have you all noticed how much they are showing off with all that green grass? I can't understand how they have been allowed to build that tunnel - unrestricted in the race! And why is this yet another race at a strange time of day for the Europeans when we...
  4. General Motorsport
  5. General Motorsport
    Just to mention that, even before we know the result from Oz, as part of the new BBC coverage Free Practice is showing live from Malaysia overnight. 03:00-04:15 Freeview 302: First Free Practice 07:00-08:30 Freeview 301: Second Free Practice
1-5 of 5 Results