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  1. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    Hi I bought and mg zr 2004 a few months ago. My fob is the black square one with rounded edges with 2 buttons. When I lock the car with the fob the lights don’t flash but if I open the door the alarm goes off and if i unlock with the fob the lights flash and the alarm turns off. But it never...
  2. MGF and MGTF
    Howdy Dudes! Pretty much want a replacement Key Fob, can't find any on eBay. I need a Japanese one too (I'm pretty sure, don't really want to take it apart to find out in fear I won't get it working again) I'm in New Zealand. Changed the battery in it today, next step is to get some electrical...
  3. Introduce yourself
    Hello everyone, I work as a software engineer in my day job, on a daily basis I mostly handle security and industrial communication tasks. Besides my day-job, I am an embedded hobbyist, a radio amateur and I try to make things in my nearly non-existent spare time (I struggle to be a maker)...
  4. MGF and MGTF
    Has anyone got he facility to program a key fob for an MG F in Somerset Postcode - BA21 ? The car is immobilised so can not be moved so would need someone to program the fob on site... Jon
  5. For Sale
    Remote Control Key Fobs Only £24.99 We have a limited amount of Lucas 17TN key fobs complete with battery (part number YWX101220) 433Mhz (03/09/09 Used for the Rover 25,45,100,200,216,218,220,400,414,416,418,420,MGF & ZR ZS & Freelander These fobs can also be used as a replacement for...
1-5 of 5 Results