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  1. How Do I - Answers To Common Problems.
    MG-Rover models: ZR/200/25/SW, ZS/400/45, F/TF ENGINE IMMOBILISATION Engine immobilisation is an important aspect of the car's security system, that occurs automatically whenever the alarm is armed. The system also includes a feature known as passive immobilisation, whereby the engine...
  2. MGF and MGTF
    Has anyone got he facility to program a key fob for an MG F in Somerset Postcode - BA21 ? The car is immobilised so can not be moved so would need someone to program the fob on site... Jon
  3. Land Rover
    We are pleased to announce we can now extend our trusted MG & Rover Code Service.............. INTRODUCING our Land Rover, Freelander, Discovery & Range Rover Code Service. We can supply the EKA CODE, RADIO CODE & KEY CODE online within the hour monday to friday 9am - 5pm. To supply the code...
  4. For Sale
    We supply MG & Rover Codes Instantly On Our Simple & Secure Website We can supply the Radio Code via serial number or the VIN number of your vehicle from only £7.50, we also supply the Radio Release Keys if you need to remove the stereo. We can also supply the...
1-4 of 10 Results