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  1. A Ferrari

    Nice car ;-)
  2. ZS180

    This X-Box has been customised to house a ZS180.
  3. More babes

    There were nearly as many cars as babes at the show.
  4. Jet Car starting up

    You can't see the car but the 250mph Jet car was pretty loud when started. They kept firing it up and creating huge plumes of smoke.
  5. Gra practising housework

    Emm looks on a Gra tries his hand at "housework". I think these are the only windows he'll be cleaning for a while! Only joking really........
  6. Gra's motor, what a beast

    All cleaned up and nowhere to go. If you look carefully you'll see Gra asleep in the back :-)
  7. Can't he drive normally?

    A very brave man and good driver, thank God!
  8. Terry Grant - MG Extreme

    Terry changing driving position
  9. Terry Grant

    Terry Grant showing off in the MG Extreme
1-14 of 14 Results