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  1. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    To anyone intrigued enough to guess what is retrofitted to this L series, a free kit will be donated to the first correct answer. (The kit is not for sale BTW) Greetings to all!
  2. Rover 600
    Does anyone reading this know where I might be able to get a replacement A/C Condenser for my Rover 600 diesel ? Have searched the internet, but it seems that this part is no longer in production. In addition, an internet search on the part number - Rover Part# JRB100340 - brings up all sorts...
  3. MG ZS (2001-2005) / Rover 45 & 400
    Hi everyone, I'm new here but really need some help. I've recently purched a 45 diesel which had been stood for 2 years, I was told it had been running fine before this. Got it towed home and it won't start, turns over and has fuel pressure at the injectors, but only comes to life for a few...
  4. For Sale
    Selling Rover 75 Tourer - for more information see link below: Rover 75 Tourer 2.0 CDT Connoisseur Automatic | eBay
  5. Diesel Forum!
    I've not managed to find any reference to anyone mating a six-speed gearbox to the L-series diesel, which I'm keen to do for my 2002 ZS. Had anyone achieved such a thing? Or even a 5-speed with more widely spaced gears would be an acceptable alternative Mike
  6. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    hi guys i am new to the derv world look forward to learning more about the l series and getting to know you guys the car come with some mods powerflow exhaust system egr delete super chip hid lights monaco interior tf steering wheel
  7. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    I would like to say hello to everyone on this forum, I have finally made the jump and joined but you lot have been helping my with my MG ZR TD since the day I brought it back in April 2015. I brought the car as spears and repairs with what I was told was just a bad track rod end..... but it was...
  8. For Sale
    As the title suggests, I'm selling my Digimafam tuning box previously used on my Rover 45 L series diesel. Great bit of kit, turned my driving experience from fairly brisk to kick in your pants rapid off the mark! All works absolutely fine, selling due to trading in my rover for a new car last...
  9. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    Hello everyone, My name is Kenny I've just bought a 2004 diesel streetwise with 94000 on the clock. I have booked in to get the cambelt, fuel pump belt etc replaced as don't know when they were last done. I was just wondering if anybody has any experience of this car and if there is any faults...
  10. Diesel Forum!
    Hi guys As the title suggests I want to have a crack at remapping my diesel, or at least having a look at downloading the existing map to try and get my head around it all. I'm knowledgable with computers, electronics and programming, and I'm willing to try it on my own car, probably with a...
  11. Wanted
    I'm after a Rover 45 2.0 TD face lift. Must be a face lift model and Diesel. Also not looking for anything over 70k mileage but would consider upto 80k if the car was right. Not really fussed on the colour, would like cream interior but not a major issue. I'm on a budget but will pay the right...
  12. MG ZT / Rover 75
    All, I have had a problem with my 05 MGZT 135 Diesel, I would be grateful for any comments to guide me to the next step...... first some history. I have had the car for about a year, it now has 128K on the clock but is an excellent drive, the previous owner replaced the clutch and this is a...
  13. Wanted
    If a nice ZT comes up before I find a ZR then I may well go for it. Again I'm on a budget so expecting to get a high miler [email protected]
  14. Wanted
    Hey guys First post as I haven't got an MG yet. But need a daily runaround and I've decided on a ZR. I want a facelift, 5 door. I'm on a tight budget so expecting a high miler. [email protected]
  15. Diesel Forum!
    Hi guys :) Been a while since I strayed into the diesel forum... :err:. So, I've got a 1.8 K-Series under my bonnet now, and I'm comtemplating going derv again. Probably something like a Rover 400, rather than a 25/45/ZR. Before I do though, I want to know roughly what people actually manage...
  16. MG/R Modification & Tuning
    Just wondering if anyone has used a drev box on a petrol to see what speeds were possible? Or maybe the 5th gear from a derv in a petrol box or something? Purely for low rev cruising, but also for rapid top end? I imagine it would only be worth it on KTurbos or T16 (if atall possible as they...
  17. MG / Rover Related Chat - up to 2005
    My daughter has just passed her test and I'm looking for her first car. She's 25 and a very careful driver like her Mum. I'm looking at a Rover 200 but diesel versions are about £200 more expensive to insure than petrol ones. :eek: Why is that? Surely the 'boy' racers are all petrolheads not...
  18. Wanted
    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my rover 220sd clutch as mine is going and thought i might aswell upgrade to the bigger sdi clutch but i need an sdi flywheel to do so. Anyone got a spare one? Thanks Dave
  19. Diesel Forum!
    as above really, had a quick search and couldnt find anything, apologies if this has been discussed. ive got a 200vi and am looking for a 25 gti but the L-series may be an option. am i right in saying they do a 100bhp and 110bhp engine? with sdi injectors, boost turned up, decat and air...
  20. For Sale
    I've had my old Rover 600 Diesel sitting around for a few months since it went pop, waiting for me to get round to doing something with it. Unfortunately the council has now noticed this and I have until Friday to remove it. Before I send it to a scrappy I thought I’d post on here (my go-to...
1-20 of 23 Results