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  1. MG 6
    Hi all, I was wondering if you could help please. My car is vibrating badly when cold from the engine, it does it when idling and when off the accelerator when driving, no loss of power or anything though. When the engine is warm it seems to be driving normally. Anyone have any ideas please...
  2. MG ZT / Rover 75
    Hi all, just as it's getting colder, i noticed yesterday my heater blowers wont give me any hot air?, they've been fine until now? Everything else seems ok, car temp gauge etc.. just cold air with the hot settings? Any ideas or quick checks i could do to sort this, cheers Rover 75 cdt, 52reg
  3. MG ZT / Rover 75
    This may be a silly question. Now, having never owned a car before that's posh enough to have air vents in the back, I'm not sure if they're just for use during the warmer times of the year. I've come to this conclusion because, no matter how high I turn the heating up, I only seem to be able...
1-3 of 3 Results