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  1. MGF and MGTF
    I've got the head off my car at the moment to ahve the head gasket done. I was wondering if its possible to clean the exhaust valves up or just get new ones as they look a bit dirty. Any ideas?
  2. Wanted
    Low mileage clean VVC engine wanted I’m looking for a low mileage, clean and reliable VVC engine. I’ve just had the wonderful Russell Walsh over to my house for an inspection on my MGF. After taking the head off he told me where the problem was. The car had the...
  3. Car Care & Detailing Forum
    Hey. Brought my new car from a farm so it was all dirty and dusty when I first picked it up. After 2.5 hours of cleaning on my first weekend having the car, I could finally see the true colour! I was either looking for a Black or Trophy Yellow, but I actually like this colour much more! =D...
  4. MGZS 180 Royal Blue

    Bonnet ater a good clean, shame about the background.
  5. Clean

1-7 of 7 Results