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  1. MG ZS / Rover 45 & 400
    Hello I was about to order a rear O/S brake caliper for my 2001 MG ZS 180 when on the website they have two types! One with diameter 1 [mm] = 30 Part no CA671R OE numbers 43021SK3E00, 43021ST3E00, GBC161 And the other Diameter 1 [mm] = 34 and it says or brake disk thickness 10 mm Part no...
  2. Blog
    Got round to doing this - had two spare calipers I did a test run on. Both seized handbrake mechanisms! One was a standard, straight from factory, 10 year old caliper. The other was a fairly new reconditioned caliper I bought for 90 quid including exchange for old one. Unscrewed the main...
1-2 of 2 Results