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  1. The Hired Help - (L to R) Paul, Gaz & His Other Half Harriott

    Paul and Gaz are 2 of my mates who are regular cruisers around Sutton Coldfield, seen and done a lot of mods to various cars, all successful! So great FREE labour to do the mod with me! Na only kidding about being free, had to supply them with cups of tea and am taking them out drinking one night so
  2. Spunky's New Look 1

    Here is what I think is the best photo I have taken of Spunky since I fitted the kit! It took 4 hours with 2 of my mates, which there is a photo of them as you move through this album.
  3. Cadamuro Kits - Don't you just LOVE 'UM!

    This is one of the cleanest examples of a well applicated Cadamuro kit. When I started to pine over having a Cadamuro kit on my R25, it was pictures like these that made me love to hate it cause it looked so good! Now thanks to Wyles Hardy, I own the full Cadamuro Kit and am in the process of get
1-16 of 16 Results