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  1. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    Hi all, I am new to this site, and fairly new to my car! I have recently bought a 1999 Rover 200 B.R.M LE! I love it and am pleased, albeit a few problems which i hope are minor! is there an advice forum on here? anyway, had a good look around at some of the threads and all seem like a good...
  2. For Sale
    * Rover 25 GTi spoiler -- Colour coded silver (from standard, not sprayed), rare to find, haven't seen one on eBaY in a while. *Front fog lights and surrounds with relay and button These are priced to sell as I need the room this stuff is taking up so PM offers on the parts rather than...
  3. For Sale
    brm being sold on ebay, will be broken if it is not sold before 01 Nov, 2009 11:29:42 GMT we cannot allow another BRM to be sent for scrap. seller is asking...
  4. Rover 220 SDi (128bhp, modified)

    My 1998 Rover 220 SDi 3dr, Iv owned this car since August 2006 It has had: Full engine rebuild and turbo enhanced by D&C Diesel Performance (Bradford) Revotec double piston dump valve Re-mapped ECU ACR performance gearbox fitted. Spax fully adjustable suspension fitted. Bigger front brakes fitte
  5. Rover 200 Bubble LED Dials (Heater + Wedge dials also available)

    Everyone seems to be unable to find em, try for LED ones.
  6. BRM

    My BRM
  7. BRM

    Daz214 BRM
  8. R200 BRM LE

    The day I took it back to the garage to pick up the MG TF.
  9. R200 BRM LE

    The day i picked it up.
  10. BRM Grille fitted

    This is my new nose, deoranged and BRM grill
  11. Rover BRM

  12. Rover BRM

1-13 of 13 Results