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  1. Blog
    Last winter I noticed the o/s front brake dragging. :hot: I took the wheel off and freed and greased up the bits you should on the calliper, noting some uneven wear on the pads due to the dragging. As they were still within wear limits and serviceable when loosened up, I decided to renew them in...
  2. MG ZS (2001-2005) / Rover 45 & 400
    Hello I was about to order a rear O/S brake caliper for my 2001 MG ZS 180 when on the website they have two types! One with diameter 1 [mm] = 30 Part no CA671R OE numbers 43021SK3E00, 43021ST3E00, GBC161 And the other Diameter 1 [mm] = 34 and it says or brake disk thickness 10 mm Part no...
  3. Wanted
    Changed my brake pads today, and noticed that the drivers side doesn't have the shim in the piston. Don't know if this is a major problem, but feel I should have one there anyway. Anyone got one they don't want? My Rover 25 is a 1.4 IXL on a 52 plate if anyone needs clarification
  4. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    I got my car a couple months ago and ever since the brakes have squeeled quite badly. They dont even have to be applied and they make a horrible noise! So anyway I took them off and put some grease on the contact points to try and help and it has done very little. But I did notice the screws...
1-4 of 4 Results