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  1. Wanted
    Hiya, Just about to pick up my own 105 ZR 3dr and am looking around for a full set of seats (blue trim, half leather as with the ZR 160). Had a look on ebay, and they have pairs for red and yellow going for 40 and 50 quid - both in good nick - so would like the spend a similar sort of price on...
  2. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    Hi, Im after a front fog light surround for an MG ZR 2005 Facelift edition preferably in blue. Anyone willing to sell one please let me know. either here or e-mail [email protected] Cheers
  3. Wanted
    Hi people looking for some Blue Monacos for a 3dr ZR in or arounds the midlands area Or near Colchester Many thanks!
  4. Wanted
    Looking for some MG ZR 3dr seat covers with the blue bits! Seat covers or seats, either or! Thanks in advance!
  5. Wanted
    Just looking to replace some bits on my car as the lacquer is peeling in places. Looking for the following in tahiti blue(JRJ paint code I think...) only: Front wings Bonnet Front Bumper (doesn't matter if it has fog's or not) I am also looking for a set of 400 headlamps with the orange...
  6. Nice colour, nothing doing yet

    Little blue 200 called Saffy (boggo standard when taken)
  7. MG Coupe ZT

    A bad photoshopped photo of the R 75/ MG ZTC.
  8. Royal Blue MGZS180 (03)

    Crap background but clean car!
  9. MGZS 180 Royal Blue

    Bonnet ater a good clean, shame about the background.
  10. ZR lowered

    On 30mm Avo Springs
  11. Passenger

  12. zorst

  13. Drivers

  14. Cadamuro Kits - Don't you just LOVE 'UM!

    This is one of the cleanest examples of a well applicated Cadamuro kit. When I started to pine over having a Cadamuro kit on my R25, it was pictures like these that made me love to hate it cause it looked so good! Now thanks to Wyles Hardy, I own the full Cadamuro Kit and am in the process of get
  15. Lord Minty's Royal Blue 75

    My 2004 Royal Blue Conoisseur SE
1-19 of 21 Results