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  1. For Sale
    W (2000) Rover 25 il 1.4 105ps 5 Door silver 72000 miles (pics to follow) It has had: New Exhaust Backbox new mid section (standard) New Rear break lines Head gasket went @ 70000 new MLS gasket kit installed. New cambelt + tensioner New Headbolts (obv) 2 New front tires Part History, I...
  2. Other Motoring Chat
    I've just been to quick fit, exhaust only 2 years old and need replacing...£130 just for the back box, and they wanted another £130 for the pipe upto the cat from the back box. Just went with the back box for now as that was what was making the racket. Its a Rover 400 Saloon Auto and its...
  3. Diesel Forum!
    Hi guys, Slowly bringing my new sdi up to standard! Arty pics will follow tomorrow if the weather is nice! But down to point.. I hate the diesel curvy exhaust! Poor student seriously lacking in cash however! Old idea.. hacksaw the end of the exhaust off and attach a stainless trim. 1)...
1-3 of 3 Results