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  1. Rover 600
    Hi guys. Just having a clear out and came across a motorised aerial from a Rover 600. It was bought new some years ago for my 620SLi but I wrote the car off before I got chance to fit it 🤦🏼‍♂️. Is any one interested? Regards, Dave.
  2. Wanted
    Hey guys! Haven't been on the Rover forums in years since after my last unsuccessful search for a Ti up here I bought an E39 530d. Well I've written that beast off (spun out in the wet, knocked over a lamp post) so I'm on the lookout for a new car. I had a '94 Ti years back that I butchered to...
  3. For Sale
    Up for sale are these lovely white 8 spoke alloys, unsure of what car they were removed from but I think they are Nissan Primera alloys. 4x114.3. Look dirty in the photo but will wash and wax them. Will need two tyres replacing but the other two have good tread. Give me an offer, may accept MG...
  4. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    Hi everyone, I'm (I've been for several years actually) a MGR fan and I think this forum is a great place to learn more about my beloved cars. Here, there's a huge supporters community that doesn't really exists in Spain, at least with the same enthusiasm. I tried to buy a MGR car several...
  5. Wanted
    I'm looking for a Rover R860 head unit and cable in order to fit it in my 600 and use the 6 CD changer that was in my, now scrapped, 820. Please pm me if you can help. Thanks Colin
  6. Rover 600
    This is a basic guide on how to change a radiator on a manual Honda based 600/Accord with aircon, non-A/C and autos are similar. Please note I take no responsibility for any damage you may cause, if in doubt get someone who knows what they are doing to help out. Radiators are at best a...
  7. Rover 600
    One of the most overlooked and easiest things to maintain is the clutch fluid, I try to change mine at least once a year, two max. Its overlooked as changing the clutch fluid is not on any service schedule, it should be as debris and worn out fluid is often the cause of cylinder and seal wear...
  8. Rover 600
    My 600ti is currently on 195K and if all goes well will be soon hitting the 200K. I was just wondering how many other members own a Rover (any model) with the magic 200K on the clock... Dave
  9. England - North
    Please see my new 600si in my garage. Just saved this from the crusher..( not sure why ). This will be a project car, with as many mods as I can afford. So all tips and advice welcome, upgrades, down-grades, anything at all.....
  10. For Sale
    I've had my old Rover 600 Diesel sitting around for a few months since it went pop, waiting for me to get round to doing something with it. Unfortunately the council has now noticed this and I have until Friday to remove it. Before I send it to a scrappy I thought I’d post on here (my go-to...
  11. For Sale
    Bought these in error. (Don't ask!) Anyway both are in very good condition - look almost new! Also have tyres available seperately. They are 16", cant offer any more info on them I'm afraid! Collection welcome, courier delivery otherwise Offers..?
  12. New Car 002

  13. New Car 001

  14. Photoshop 600 3 door

    Photoshop 3 door 600, not brilliant, but i was bored!
  15. As She stands 002

  16. 600 with a 75 Front

    Got bored and had a play
  17. Spoiler

1-17 of 17 Results