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  1. MG ZS (2001-2005) / Rover 45 & 400
    Note to self - and anyone else interested in interchangeable suspension setups that all these vehicles share in common. Do also bear in mind your engine mass alongside load carrying / sound system weight variations when making choices regarding any physically compatible suspension setups...
  2. 'R8' Rovers (aka Wedges!!)
    This is a strange one .. summary is: I did some work on the wing and bumper, put it all back together and now engine will turn over, but does not fire once. The bodywork involved removing the right wing, both headlights and indicators, and the bumper. I didn't touch anything else, aside from...
  3. Wanted
    Hi I need both sides ideally but mainly the passenger side as someone broke mine. This is the HHR version R reg I have bought these from a member already, thanks
  4. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    Hi everyone, I'm (I've been for several years actually) a MGR fan and I think this forum is a great place to learn more about my beloved cars. Here, there's a huge supporters community that doesn't really exists in Spain, at least with the same enthusiasm. I tried to buy a MGR car several...
  5. For Sale
    I have a brand new Heated Washer Jet Kit for an MGF/Rover 200/400 for sale, code VUB100200. These are on sale at Rimmers for £84.45, but are currently out of stock - so here's a chance to get hold of one before winter. I'm looking for a sensible offer, as could I do with the cash for my new...
  6. MG ZS (2001-2005) / Rover 45 & 400
    Now the darker nights are here I'm noticing that the headlights on my 400 (1999) could do with being brighter. Perhaps its me, but whenever I'm on a link road or motorway and another vehicle comes up beside you can tell their lights go further and brighter. In fact some of the headlights from...
  7. Wanted
    I'm looking for a front bumper for a silver rover 400 1999, been hunting everywhere for one, if you have one please let me know how much you would want for it. It would have to be in Scotland so I can pick it up. Thanks!
  8. Wanted
    Just looking to replace some bits on my car as the lacquer is peeling in places. Looking for the following in tahiti blue(JRJ paint code I think...) only: Front wings Bonnet Front Bumper (doesn't matter if it has fog's or not) I am also looking for a set of 400 headlamps with the orange...
  9. Fubar's 400

    I really love my car...
  10. Interior 4

  11. Dials

  12. Interior 2

  13. Interior 1

    I love the cream interior of my SLi!
  14. Exhaust

    This is the LongLife stainless steel exhaust - I didnt want a huge pipe as I didnt feel it fitted well with the rover image - sounds lovely though!
  15. Rear View

  16. Side View

  17. Front

1-20 of 38 Results