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  1. Introduce yourself
    Hi all After selling a rusty 1983 Land Rover 110 V8 for an unexpected sum, have turned the cash into a tidy 03 MG TF 160 with only 27K on it. Looking forward to doing more than 13mpg and the wind coming from above rather than holes in the floor... No name yet though - any ideas?
  2. For Sale
    For sale, complete cambelt change kit for all Rover and MG VVC engines (including MGF VVC, MGF Trophy and MG TF 160). Kit consists of: - Long belt (GTB1416XS) - Short belt (GTB1417XS) - Tensioner (LHP10015) Genuine parts for just £45. Cheaper than Ebay :) This kit is brand new (delivered...
  3. Introduce yourself
    Ladies and gents, I'm Jon and I'm an MG owner :petevick: I'll be collecting my 02 plate TF 160 this week and I'm chuffed to bits. It's taken me a few attempts, what with one seller in complete denial that the head gasket was in the process of failing and another telling me not to worry about...
  4. Wanted
    So I'm looking for a low mileage tf, a 160 ideally but I'm having trouble finding one with the colour/interior colour combination I actually like. I'm coming across loads of great low mileage FSH cars that are let down by drab interiors. So does anyone here have a tf with full cream leather and...
  5. Wanted
    Desperate to find a pair of front discs for my daughters MG TF 160, these are the ones with the twin pot red calipers, can anyone help? email: [email protected]
  6. ZR lowered

    On 30mm Avo Springs
  7. trophy 160

1-7 of 7 Results