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MG Rover
75 club
metalic light blue
The Rover 75 has been in the family since 2011. It had 90 K Km on the clock. Since than its been a tale of woe. When I compare to it to the Holden Commodore I brought at the same at the time, with similar km's, has cost me less than $700 for the 2 failures, being shocks and gas expansion valve.
The previous owner had done nothing to the Rover 75 except for oil and tires.
It was not very long before I noticed water in the valley. I was so annoyed because I checked everywhere for water leaks on purchase.
The garage guy who worked on them in the UK, at Mulgrave NSW advised me it had split the thermostat pipe and I should dump it (turned out to be good advice) or do an overhaul of manifold valves, hoses, thermostat housing, water pump cam belt and injectors which were all done for +$4K.

Since than other bits failed, eg rear wheel bearing, auto gear box ($6K) fuel pump, abs fly leads, central locking and reciever (still a problem -unlocks 2 out of 4 doors)

The latest during Nov /dec 2018 there was water pump seal failure, radiator and top hose. and looks like cooling fan as well.
2001 MG Rover 75 club (metalic light blue)


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