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45 Connoisseur
Reg The Rover started life in 2004 where I believe he was used as an MG Rover Group Fleet Vehicle for around 1,000 miles, before heading off up to an MG Rover dealer in Norfolk. He was purchased in 2005 and remained with the first lady owner for 11 years. He had done quite a low annual mileage and when I purchased him in late 2017 he had just 23,667 Miles on the clock. Fast forward almost two years to 2019, he attended his first ever Pride of Longbridge event and he now lives out in the countryside in Bedfordshire, being used on a daily basis.
Reg The Rover is a 2004 Rover 45 1.8 Connoisseur Saloon featuring a 1.8 K-Series engine. The interior is the original Duotone Ash with Light Smokestone and Light Oak inserts. It is unchanged from the day it was built apart from the original radio which done a disappearing act at some point in previous years. The exterior again remains original from the day it was built and cleans up very well in Firefrost Red which I think has to be one of my favourite colours on these cars (then again that could be me being slightly biased). ;)



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