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MG Rover
Mifare Ultralight card is low-cost ICs for a proprietary protocol compliant to ISO/IEC 14443-3 type A card. It is has been developed by NXP semiconductors for us with Proximity Coupling Devices (PCD). It is with 13.56MHz frequency operating.
Mifare Ultralight card with maximum flexibility for complete system solutions including multiple-ride tickets, access control application, it also could be used in NFC different kinds of application. Mifare Ultralight is fully NFC forum tag type 2 with 7 byte UID-unique identifier.
Mifare Ultralight card is a good ideal for low-cost, high-volume applications such as loyalty cards, public transport, event ticketing.
Key applications:

Any question or inquiry about rfid card and rfid related products ,please send email to SALE01 AT OPRFID DOT COM ,we will reply you within 24 hours,Thanks
2016 MG Rover


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