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Trophy Blue
Chrome Pack
Born at MG Rovers Longbridge facility this Trophy Blue TF was registered in Gloucestershire on 26 March 2003 and built sporting the Chrome and Leather extras. It was kept until the 16th February 2008 when it was acquired by its second owner having covered in the region of only 13,000 miles in its first five years.

After Six years of ownership, in 2014, the car was sold to Trophy Cars in Peterborough, where it was purchased by its third owner, Richard Blagden, on the 5th December 2014. The car had covered 30,751 miles at this time, far below the average for a vehicle of its age.

For Richard the TF was a starting point to getting involved mechanically with cars and having some fun with. Being mechanically minded Richard wanted this TF to be perfect and set about exploring the car only to find that Trophy Cars hadn't lived up to their sales promise of 'Headgasket, Cambelt, Waterpump'. The vehicle was returned to them from Wokingham for the work to be completed, which it was by early January 2015.

Having researched TFs Richard set about making an already fine example of a TF, perfect, so at 12 years old this little TF had a complete service including gearbox oil, coolant, plugs, petrol filter, leads and coil packs, along with some new parts, including a new battery, stainless steel coolant pipes, exhaust, cat, lambda sensors, new front discs and pads, a new OEM roof with glass rear window - really setting off the quality of the vehicle and for entertainment, a new DAB radio.

After 18 months of ownership and only an additional 1,849 miles on the clock, this Low mileage, rust free, garaged example, was put back up for sale as Richard decided a BMW Z4 may be more for him.

After only a few days of being advertised on Autotrader, the TF was purchased on the 3rd June 2016 by its fourth and current owner, Graham Holloway from Letchworth, who had been searching for a mid-priced, good condition TF, specifically a 135 in Trophy Blue. The work that had been done and the condition of this TF made buying it a very quick and easy decision at only £2995, it was clear how amazing this TF was having already looked at 5 others of similar price, each with their downsides which prevented Graham from buying.
2003 MG TF (Trophy Blue)



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