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A question I need to ask.

Are MG6s faster than ZT 1.8Ts or is mine an exception?

Now with a fresh MoT and having been checked over, I've had more opportunities to use my recently acquired MG6. I bought it as a possible Engine and parts donor for an MG ZT 1.8T. Shortly after buying it, I soon formed the opinion it was far too good to break. Showing only 74,000 miles supported by MoT history. I have only driven or even been in three MG6s, so not had ample opportunity to fully explore how they perform as they were not my cars. Now I have.

I got the impression early driving this one that it IS a better performer than the ZT 1.8Ts I have driven. Yes, I have been pleasantly surprised how this one goes and today I was really impressed. I was the tail end charlie in a line of cars threading our way down the A46 off the Cotswold Hills. The lead car, a Mondeo was being driven super cautiously. The cars behind clearly a tad annoyed judging by their stances. As we approached a slip road to a dual carriageway, the BMW I had been following and I left the queue indicated to join the dual carriageway as we entered a the long down sloping two lane entry slip road. I shaped up to pass the BMW and as I nosed alongside, guess what. Got it in one. Driver floors it so did I. The first time I've done that in the MG6. It flew past the BMW and I was surprised how soon it got up to the NSL.... :eek:

Anyone else had opportunities to compare the performance of Chinese and English 1.8T ZTs?

My SIX looks identical to the one in the image at the top of this item. Even has a VX61 Reg- Plate.