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  1. Wanted decent MGF

    Also try:- Plus various (proper) car auctions, use a search engine. Good luck.
  2. MG ZS EV page now live

    ZS SUV (2017)
    No, I am not an MG hater, they just don't make anything at present that I would like to own. I wish they did. I will not be told by motor magazines, or any kind of review, what I must like. As for driving I am sure it drives as well as most the current crop of euroshoppers. You like it you buy...
  3. MG ZS EV page now live

    ZS SUV (2017)
    Had a quick look at one of these yesterday. I don't know what it's like to drive, didn't get that far before I was put off. This is not what a £25K+ car should look like. The interior is awful and I have never seen such rubbish plastic e.g. the charging socket cover since..........ever! Sorry MG.
  4. Wheels

    MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    Link comes up "not available", can you post a picture.
  5. Hi All!

    Introduce yourself
    Well regarded Hydragas specialist. or if you don't do Facebook.
  6. F or TF?

    MGF and MGTF
    Down to your choice really. There are people out there that can supply suspension parts for the F so not as big a problem as some might think. Buy on the condition of the car and buy the best you can afford, it will work out cheaper in the long run. Unless you enjoy a challenge and getting the...
  7. 85th Anti-Roll bars

    MGF and MGTF
    I retained the standard springs (pre 05 build) when I fitted the Bilsteins and I think it has quite a supple ride. Certainly loads better than the standard TF of that date. Have not driven an 85th or a post 05 TF so I can't give a comparison. I should think that standard bushes would be...
  8. Easy convertible for Summer...

    Other Manufacturer models
    Abarth is what posh people have. The rest of us have a bath.:smile:
  9. 85th Anti-Roll bars

    MGF and MGTF
    Recently fitted thicker Anti-Roll bars (MGOC) to my TF. Already have Bilsteins set on the middle ride height. At first I was slightly disappointed as to the difference they made but the more I drive it the better it seems to be. I would say they are a real improvement, but only when you are...
  10. Rusty bits!!! Mgtf 54 plate

    MGF and MGTF
    At Hessle you are only about an hour and a half away from Trophy cars. It's a place you can look at lots of F and TFs and get a feel for the market. Now I don't suggest you dash over there and buy the first one that you see but they have lots of cars at...
  11. Rusty bits!!! Mgtf 54 plate

    MGF and MGTF
    Cambelt and water pump change is nearer £200 than £400. Surface rust underneath can be treated for about £100. If the rest of the car is good £2.5K is a bargain. As said above don't fix the head gasket if it aint broken. It really depends on condition, any car is a gamble so go with your gut...
  12. Hi from East Yorkshire

    Introduce yourself
    If the headgasket is replaced properly then there is no reason it should go again, for a long long time. It's a shame that some nice man / men have taken advantage. Get a good one. look after it and forget about this head gasket phobia. Welome and enjoy.
  13. mg-rovermobile mechanics

    MGF and MGTF
    Very well regarded by many MG / Rover owners and groups. They service my TF and do a great job. I'm off to see them week after next to get a couple of jobs done. They are busy, always a good sign, so you may have a bit of a wait.
  14. New question .... TF suspension.

    MGF and MGTF
    I can vouch for the VHS/MGOC Bilsteins. I have them fitted with standard springs at the middle ride height (5-10mm lower). The ride is transformed, much more supple. At present I am fitting the thicker (85th) antiroll bars. Fitting the Bilsteins wth softer springs will reduce roll stiffness as...
  15. 85th edition roll bar issues

    MGF and MGTF
    You should have no trouble finding spares, most are std TF. The few odd bits should be found at the MG specialists easily found on the internet. MGOC Rimmers etc. Go for it and enjoy. As an aside I am half way through fitting the 85th anti roll bars to my TF to go with the Bilsteins I have...
  16. Wind deflector thingy?

    MGF and MGTF
    There are, in effect, two types. The mesh ones and the glass / perspex ones. Much is down to personal choice but of the two the mesh type is more effective. My TF has a mesh one as standard fit. This explains it a bit better. Windstop data
  17. Spark badge position

    MGF and MGTF
    Like This.
  18. Drilled and Vented discs, worth it?

    MGF and MGTF
    You won't be dissapointed. I wasn't.
  19. hello to everyone here

    Introduce yourself
    Hi and welcome. Ask away, someone will know what the answer is. There are no stupid questions everyone had to learn. We pass this way but once. My wife has poor short term memory so I understand a bit. We will help where we can. There are good people on here.
  20. MG Hector spied in the U.K

    MG / SAIC / Roewe Related Chat
    I agree, but it is for the Indian market. MG that we know and love is dead and gone. The car in general is in it's death throes. There is very little choice now and we will be given what we are told to like. Don't want a non premium front wheel drive shed on wheels? Tough. No wonder classic...
1-20 of 191 Results