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  • Benny Dub ·
    wow she is a real beauty! Lovely stuff.

    Mine's definitely going to be getting a full respray at some point. God knows it needs it!

    I also see one of your members had a Grand Prix? Wow, that's very impressive lol. I don't think I've ever seen one in real life!
    Benny Dub ·
    oh awesome! I might try and pick up miniworld then and have a look!

    Nice, have you done anything to it? the MPi's seem really good for basic tuning. I'm gonna do a 1275 conversion on mine soon hopefully, but it'll only be a carb due to money and it being much easier!

    You got any pictures of yours online?
    Benny Dub ·
    bloody hell that's crazy! How long did you give yourself to do it?

    Sounds awesome though, What's the spec on your mini? I think I remember seeing it on the forum once or twice, but cannae remember?
    Benny Dub ·
    its quite a lot lol. Entry is usually about £600 I think, but then you've got to pay for 3000 miles worth of fuel. Hotels and dinner/breakfast is usually paid for I think but its still a lot.

    Also there is a target of £1500 to raise by each team, which can prove to be quite tough! Especially with the economy in its current state lol
    Benny Dub ·
    yeah man definitely, what club are you a member of? I should really do something about joining one near me. Funkey Monkey Mini Club is based about 5 miles away so I could look at that one I guess.

    The Italian Job kicks ass, I've been on it a fair few times with parents/sister etc. It's really good fun but jus so expensive. I might try and save up for it next year but it's doubtful :(
    Benny Dub ·
    ahh that sucks man, should be good fun.

    Yeah that is a bit wierd, it's usually fairly big too. Have you ever heard of The Italian Job? Hopefully I'll be doing that soon too, but it's quite expensive!
    Benny Dub ·
    thats cool man, I just added you on msn :broon:

    pah short notice schmort schmotice, do it! I cannae wait lol. I just hope the car's sorted in time! haha
    Benny Dub ·
    haha yeah man, there're a few mini's in there. My Mayfair (obviously), my dad has a 51 reg cooper sport (rumoured to be the last one ever sold brand new, we got it brand new in 2001).

    He's also got a mint condition RSP, and a mint 1991 Moke. The other RSP is my sister's which she is currently restoring, and there's also a 1986 998 Mary Quant special edition. That one's not brilliant though if I'm honest haha.

    There's also a 1982 City and a 1978 850, but they're both in awful condition!

    We like Mini's hahaha
    DMGRS ·
    Hi mate the 400/45/ZS pedal height adjustment bracket is ready to order now. Kit is priced at £4.25 including P+P, and will be sorting out the first batch tomorrow.

    Payment via PayPal to [email protected]

    Thanks for the interest! :)
    MonkeyBoy69 ·
    The car is still available. I couldn't tax it quickly enough because it needs a specific cover note rather than being driven on someone else's fully comp.
    MonkeyBoy69 ·
    I'll think about it. I'd rather have it go to someone who will make use of it. It's SORN at the moment, so I'd need a bit extra to tax it, and there's delivery/collection costs involved. What do you propose?
    Dandan ·
    Not bad. Start working on the car this weekend. Gotta get a new speedo sensor and cable cos the old one had been chopped in using a connector block. Still waiting on a battery charger so that I can have a real play :0)
    Got that tow bar done yet?
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