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  • Pete27011 ·
    hi steve have you seen the threads being left by someone called johnny tavernor?? i think he has a problem with this forum
    sidga ·
    hi steve could u give me advice about cluch fluid leak clutch pedal went to floor checked resevoir all gone but noticed fuid on driveway mgf p reg any advice filled back up can now get all my gears
    Retro man ·
    I just bought a Rover so i thought i'd better join a forum about Rovers. I don't even mind the 1000& 1 rules as i dont intend breaking any.but already my posts are going 'missing' Not a good starting experience im afraid.
    jhbonzo22 ·

    I'm a new member so i've probably done something wrong here but it seems my last post has gone missing??? I'm not sure whats happened a dialogue box popped up with a message about admin approval. Did I do something wrong??? I hope not!!
    forehead ·
    Hello Steve Is there anything dubious about a member who is supposedly UK based but is actually based in China. I believe Windy is not what he pretends to be and should be viewed with suspiscion. Do you think I am being paranoid?
    claireamanda ·
    Hi I wrote earlier on a general forum, I think, It was suggested that I log on in my area, but dont know how to get all the threads across. Dont know if this website is more complicated than my car at the moment!!!! Help
    equidents ·
    Hi Steve,
    Could you look into this please? I cancelled in Paypal my subscription which I thought meant the payment just made.
    It may mean the next one, I suspect.
    Would you know which is correct?
    Ian Wilson aka Equidents
    Finnish ·

    I have a thread about problematic trunk and I can't post to it anymore? It says it's waiting for admin approval?
    Toasty ·

    I posted a new thread on this forum this morning asking if anybody had a garage I could rent for my MGF. They all appear to have been removed; any reason for that?


    Roverandum ·
    Hi Steve - in your capacity as an administrator, can you tell me what the thinking is in regard to displaying registration numbers? I see some people take the trouble of 'censoring' their photos, while others don't seem to worry! What are the perceived security risks in showing / announcing my car's registration? Glad to hear your thoughts - Roger
    wayno76 ·
    hi steve, just a quick message about your site stickers, notice your out of certain sizes. just letting you know that i make car decals graphics etc. so if your in need of another supplier incase you cant get hold of certain size stickers feel free to contact me. could even send you some samples!!
    laurdan62 ·
    Hi Steve,,,, Can someone tell me how to remove the nuts underneath the plastic inlet manifold (Plenum?) chamber on a TF160? Do i have to remove the exhaust and attack it from underneath?... im in process of doing a cyln head gasket first and boy is it difficult to get access! Thosee who have previously done this im sure will be able to verify this....can anyone help?
    Thanks laurdan62
    Andie B ·
    Hi Steve, just wanted to check that my subs arrived okay and wondered how long it will take for my user name to change to that pretty red colour...!
    mikkimoo ·
    Hi, i'd like to become a sponsor, was advised to contact you first to check availability etc, and i'd like to be able to post pic etc.
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