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  • jensden51 ·
    Hi Roverlike, thanks for reply, I will have a think about whether to proceed with this conversion, sounds complex.
    Dorchester ·
    No, my remapper in a first step is keen to avoid complications, and I agreed to get rid of the alarm/immobiliser problem, which is nowadays of no use, with an unfortunately bygone brand and car. Better to focus on the remap only, which will avoid in the future all my concerns on that matter.
    Dorchester ·
    :ziplip: The reason of my keeping it secret so far is that in France you can't have any professional activity unless being declared & taxed, so even I don't know how that runs in the UK I don't want to cause any trouble to our so kind mate, you see? But if it's of any use to him in the future, I shall be glad to let it know to the whole community when it is done & I receive the spare ECU. In France, any black job is severely punished if discovered.
    BTW, with my new honeycomb alloys, I've bought for the rear a pair of very good second hand Serbian tyres, Tigar Prima, even a good friend of mine (but a bit snob!) was very despising of them. Not very far from your dwellings, aren't they?
    Dorchester ·
    Done! And I hope to add one more mod in the weeks to come, and a big one: a remap! Done by a very nice member of the forum, with an additional ECU I'm to swap with the original one. But so far... it's still a secret...
    Dorchester ·
    You've an eagle eye! But I can't add anything now because I guess the amount of characters is limited. If I want to add something, I'm to compact what I've wrote previously. I'll try to do it
    Dorchester ·
    Hello Roverlike!
    Sorry mate, I haven't noticed both your PM. But why aren't we advised by E-Mail?
    A good many people here for Xmas and now they are gone my central heater is off!
    Problem with my worm drive. I hope it will be solved within a few days.
    Thank you so much and my best wishes for you & yours for 2016.
    Good: I hope your dipstick will ft well and remain securely & firmly in its place.
    As I'm going away for the new year week end at my parents-in-laws's then at my eldest son's, I shall be able to solve my rear speakers little problem only from next Tuesday.
    Happy new year!
    Dorchester ·
    Hello Roverlike!
    How are you?
    Nothing very important so far on my 25: just a new RDS Android compliant Pioneer MVH-X380BT radio equipped with USB, Bluetooth, hands free phone and a stunning Mixtrax which gives full power to my now 6 speakers (purchased 2 rear genuine Rover ones which were missing for a few quids on Ebay). Stunning sound, very clear and vibrant, with something 3 dimensional and no whooshing noise at all.
    Anything new on your side?
    Best wishes.
    Chris6316 ·
    I've always wanted to install AC into my Streetwise, but always been warned away by other members saying how pointlessly hard it is!

    No worries lol, I did wonder why you hadn't replied the other day :p
    Roverlike ·
    If you do homework right it will not be that hard. I mean, you need to source exact parts you need (pipes, a/c rad, evaporator, switch, wires, relay...) and with half day work time you can do it.

    I would recommend NEW compressor and NEW belt and you will have long time working a/c.

    Mine homework task was somewhat more difficult as K-series 8v engines did not have a/c at all in any combination (not even as installable option), so I needed to source Diavia parts for installation.

    Of course, at the end you need qualified person to fill the system with gas.
    Chris6316 ·
    I've also just noticed in your "about me" section that you added airconditioning to your car? How hard did you find that?
    sumi22 ·
    stevie is being a pig for some reason i put up a post and i think its been deleted , how can i find this plz
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