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  • Chaz ·
    Did you get my last PM mate? I dont know if it sent because my internet went off as it was loading :lol:
    DMGRS ·
    I reckon if you ditched your trio you'd easily be able to run a 620ti... and trust me you wouldn't regret it.

    Just got one back myself, and for once I don't care about fuel prices! :lol:
    Forrestt ·
    Yeah I did do it with the wheels like that....

    The list from the garage is below, there a good garage and don't make thinks up for them to do. A lot of the time qhen I'm there they actually show me whats wrong amd what there going to do to fix it.

    It would be cool if you did get past its mot.
    I think there's too many broken up these days be ause the owners can't be bothered to do the work (yeah I know I was going to do it, but I spent all my car funds on it and needed to make some money back on it, still i'd rather lose cash and sell it to someone who's gonna use it)
    Did we give you the mot certificate? I know you don't really need it, it had some advisorys on it but tue page was missing. If you pm me your address I'll stick it in the post for you.
    Forrestt ·
    I don't have any paperwork or a keyfob. The code is in the booklet in the pasanger door pocket. Yeah it does sound bad, I pushed it to 90+ once, it held together alright though.
    Hope it holds toghther ok for ya. Whats your plans for it?
    DMGRS ·
    Fair enough, will be nice to see it live on. :)

    I reckon a nicely tuned ZS diesel would be up your street if you like turbo pull and want some reliability, and the ability to show plenty of 'quick' cars up! :lol:
    DMGRS ·
    Still got them both, aye :)
    Kind of torn, I really like the 416 but it does have some serious rot... I might get a 400 of some sort again when the ZS goes.
    I never really appreciated the K, but the 416 is the first car I've had with one that doesn't leak or misbehave in any way.

    Sounds like a bit of a negative word from me, but I was in the same situation with my Ti. Even though I miss it, I think I made the right decision and now have money to spend on other bits and bobs... all I seemed to do was spend cash keeping it going.

    Space is definitely an issue, I've had to leave the ZS in my Mum's garden awaiting a new head.

    At least Vittys still hold value, but I would be torn between the 45 and 416. A saloon is pretty impractical, my 416 is and I couldn't fit a single dining room chair in the boot!
    DMGRS ·
    Wow, that's low :) I've got 90k on mine and it runs excellent, you've got some time left yet. :p

    It sounds like a cliche (or whatever that girly word is) but I'd be keeping the 45 for one reason - the 1.8 is an excellent engine. I have never owned one, but was a great drive when I drove a 45 Connie with the 1.8.

    With my own place I've had to downsize now, which sucks :(
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