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  • Dakta ·
    I didn't get it in the end, plans changed somewhat :( will get one (or half a dozen) eventually! I hope things keep improving for your and your missus - it's nice to hear you're getting stuck in with innovating with regards to the issues as well, it's one thing suffering and getting through but that's what we call 'fighting back' :) Thanks for the complements about the 4motion, im not surprised it's drawn a bit of negativity, i'm not a vw fan myself which is well noted where I work but the lads there are kind towards the mgr's and so respect has to go both ways - i'm a diesel man though, so whoever made the engine is irrelevent if i get to make it powerful!
    Dakta ·
    so so mate, trying to persuade myself to buy a early 90's synth - a roland JV-1080. Though i'm supposed to be investing in new biz equipment. My desire for vintage sounds must be bottled for a little while longer!

    (I'm a synth nutter). Hope the missus is okay :( everyone seems to be in a bad way these days ...
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