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  • skellum ·
    Hello Kevin.
    I still visit the forum, but ration myself to a couple of times a week; work is busy and the house needs renovation, so I try not to dawdle here.
    I am sorry to hear how rough a time life has been throwing at you. You must miss your dad very much, yet you're still plugging away and doing your best for your mum.
    Bloody well done. Better weather is a nice, if small, consolation for all the changes you've had to make. Your mum's a brave gal, making a move like this later in life. Good for her! I can understand why you haven't been around the forum- you've certainly had your hands full.
    I find it really disappointing that your mum got so little support in the UK. How can a country that thinks of itself as a 'world power' and a strong economy leave our older generation next to penniless We've never met, but let me wish you the very best of luck in a new life. Cars are fun, but they come and go, family is precious and you have been a stalwart for your mum. Good luck Kevin.
    ArtySin ·
    Hello Pleizer,
    Someone posted that you fitted 5mm spacers on your TF to accommodate 4pot AP calipers with your Abingdon wheels. Is this correct and if so any problems with handling, was it all straightforward and which calipers did you use?
    Many Thanks
    skellum ·
    Kevin, I am so very sorry to hear this. When I realised I hadn't seen you posting I did worry about what had happened to you. Youngsters have no idea how precious their parents are, and losing your father must have been a terrible wrench. I wish you well in what must be terribly trying times. I hope some good luck comes looking for you soon.
    skellum ·
    Good evening- I've been so busy at work recently I haven't been here so much. Only realised tonight I'm not seeing you posting. Very much hoping that if you see this, all is well for you.
    All the best, Colin.
    bunny_au ·
    On a laptop now and I could see the text high lighting. OK this was easy 1 round file 5mm in diameter. The I worked out the amount of material that had to be removed by using the formula posted by DVA on his dowels page. The next thing I did was just do a little less and check and measure just to make sure and then removed the final bit. The bit I did that is not obvious is the CAM could change it's timing back by slipping so I made a .5mm piece of metal which was in the shape of an L but the top of the L is droopy. The bottom of the L rests on the CAM bolt. This has the effect of stopping it moving back and holding it up while you tighten up the CAM bolt. That was all I did. CHeap and simple, Yeah it took about 2hrs to do but hey what's your hourly earing rate ;-)

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