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  • smdjkd001 ·
    hi nick sorry to bother you again. but i could do with some advice my zt 190 has developed a smell of fuel or exhaust fumes when i start the car up. at first i thought it was a exhaust breather pipe so i changed that and the exhaust smell disapeared but this seem to be a fuel smell when i first start the car. secondly the is a knock what comes from the engine when i accelerate i have been told its a engine tether does this sound right to you and is it an expensive job. best regards shaun
    smdjkd001 ·
    hi nick once again here i am asking radom question i hope yoy can help me with. first thing is i cant locate the fuse for the headlights both went off yesterday at the same time in my service manual under fuses i cant see it anywhere. second thing is that when i turn the heater i can smell exhaust fumes real bad any ideas i would be most grateful cheers
    nigel1516 ·
    Hi Nick. Been suggested by "unsavoury" that I contact yourself. I have a '53 plate Rover 75 CDTI. This car is fitted with cloth/manual upholstery. I would like to change to leather upholstery. Do you know if the looms would be in my car for the leccy seats ? or where I can look for them ?

    directstep ·
    Would you be kind enough to simply show/explain where or exactly what hose my new Oil Catch Tank should be connected to?
    I've read endless posts, idle hose, throttle hose, big hose, little hose..... I'm lost !!
    Appreciate it if you got 2 mins to just say what you believe to be correct.
    Many Thanks
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