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  • Roverlike ·
    I know Rover 25 dials can be fitted into Rover 200, but wiring modification is needed, in sense that extra connector needs wires which must be connected under screws on the flaxible printed circuit board on the back side of the dials. This connector needs to be obtained with dials.

    I assume that same can be done with Rover 45 dials for transfer to Rover 400, but I did not tried that jet.

    If you want to try, you must know that three things must be looked after when you are choosing Rover 45 dials: they must be of same engine type (petrol or diesel), they must be of same range type (petrol with same max number of miles per hour and same rev counter), and you need to respect if your car do or do not have ABS and choose same dials from 45 range.
    If you want to proceed new thread needs to be opened and I can start looking into diagrams and possibly help. However, I would need pictures of back dials from R45 and R400 in order to identify what is what, since I do not have pair at me.
    jensden51 ·
    Hi new to forum,I wonder if anyone can help please.
    Have a 45 1.8 auto ,problem is it really bangs into drive and sometimes stalls.
    Oil nice and clean and level is correct.Any ideas anyone ,thanks in advance .
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