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  • Huff ·
    You badly need to widen your beer experience my friend. In fact, if you can get hold of a copy of three sheets to the wind by Pete Brown. Good read and I reckon right up your street.
    Gra ·
    I drank a ton of really obvious swill....not so much Stella, more Kronenbourg 1664 and it made me feel horrific on Sunday! lol
    Huff ·
    I'll not give you any grief over your new purchase on the strict understanding that i'm gonna laugh my backside off when it goes wrong :lol:
    Gra ·
    Hi Pat! I had to take an extended break from .org as the way it was moderated at the time along with *cough*how it was run*cough* annoyed the hell out of me to be honest and you know it's time to back off a bit if that happens!

    As for a life, yes - I found it, didn't realise I'd lost it but I'm regularly posting in various other forums as well so it's not just .org I lurk around these days!

    My post count will still be increasing but not at the rate it originally was, a couple of years away and still one of the top posters is a bit worrying so I'll try to slip down the charts a little more...

    It's good to be back, just need to ease myself back into the .org ways again and everything will work out fine! :D
    patpending ·
    Hi again Gra - 18,000 posts and all of those up to September 2007! one would think you had discovered a life since! Nice to see you sniffing around again...
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