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  • Bren10 ·
    Hi Ross
    Just got in and checked the courier site, it's saying now delivered but for some reason they have left it in a green house according to their site which I can't understand as I left instruction to leave in the blue frontera. Won't use these guys again. Could you please confirm they have actually delivered your item.
    Thanks for your patience and sorry for delay, regards Bren.
    matt561 ·
    Dude you want me number? I prefer chatting on the phone yo!.... Helas Ross has deid a death, it's all about Winston my Rover 45 now :p
    chris.vincent3 ·
    Alright mate, having a bit of trouble getting the courier to pick the wheels up from my barracks, if I can't get them to then I'll pay a bit extra for a different courier to pick them up. My appologies mate. Give me your mobile number and I'll sent you a text when they've been picked up, as I don't have much Internet access.

    Thanks, Chris.
    chris.vincent3 ·
    Hi mate, just went into the postoffice and they said they can hold the wheels for me and get the courier to pick them up from there. If your still interested I'll look up how much it'll be posted, £200 plus postage?

    And empty your inbox ;)

    Cheers Chris.
    Furryroo ·
    Hey there!
    Im doing well thankyou, same old same old really, just working and cleaning lol though today iam going for my personal bar liscence! which is always a good thing, looking forward to that.

    The MG is still running great! just had a new air filter installed, some new wipers and some new mudflaps (look sexy!) so he is looking better than ever lol

    hope you are well, and hope im responding to this in the correct place! lol take care xx
    Furryroo ·
    not been so bad ta, just been working, working and more working lol the MG goes in for its oil change later today so thats a small scrap of excitement

    glad to hear you had a good day though!

    take care

    MGF-Gertrude ·
    Hi matey !!
    Hows your day been ?
    Thanks for your message today. I had loads of PM's from guys on this forum. Mainly from those with gay brothers, sisters, sons etc !!
    Been a most enlightening day.
    Keep well,
    Tony xx
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