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  • Will Hay ·
    Saw your rep comment dude, thanks, you've always been a pleasure to interact with here.
    I've been finished with the forum for a couple of weeks now, had my fill of the attacks from people I thought I knew better.
    Anyway, thanks again and if you want to keep in touch and have a little banter now and again look me up on facebook via the MG F & TF page :broon:
    Always nearly sent a request a few times and never did :)
    Rob ....formerly Will Hay
    jmurray01 ·
    Front N/S Wheel bearing, a couple of bulbs, N/S track rod end (advisory), New O2 sensor. But it's also getting an oil change, brake fluid change and coolant flush.
    Fast Jan ·
    Please can you reply to my PMs about the bumper - I really need to know whether it's still available as I was waiting on it since Nov. I know I said there was no rush, but 3 months is pushing it a bit!

    Squeaks ·
    Hi Richard

    Long shot i know but do you still have that perspex engine cover forsale?
    if not any ideas where to get them from?


    MyRomeo ·
    hi mate, just got your message. did your sister get sorted? Im actually selling the corolla tsport at the moment, im after an integra type R :)

    its been absolutely flawless since I got it. superb car just not for me.
    Dyshipfakta ·
    Hey matey got your email sounds good to me if possible could you ask for delivery in the afternoon to make sure someone is in. Just let me know how much postage came to and I will paypal you the monies or write you a cheque which ever is your preference.
    MG_CHIC ·
    :lol: No unfortunately I've been working an 11 hour shift at work! But day off tomorrow so hopefully the sun will shine & I can take her out for a spin! :bunnydance:

    What about you? Manage to catch some rays?
    Neil Surrey Lab ·
    They're still coming along nicely. I have ordered quite a few so we should be on schedule.
    I have just sold a foreign customer a re-issued TT Mk3. that is TT Mk3 #23
    It is really very nice , but so it should be at £420 !
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