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  • patpending ·
    "Pat, why do you have one of my pictures of mine & my friends cars as your profile pic?"

    ?? umm because I secretly AM you and your friends??

    or it's something to do with computers and therefore wrong? ;)
    Swalesy ·
    No mate sorry, I don't know anyone within the training department with a beard, although I spend all my time on the factory floor now so it's likely I just haven't seen him.

    How long has he been goin to JLR for? During the first year of my apprenticeship when I was in the training area myself, there was only one man with a beard and his name was Alan (he's since shaved it off).
    patpending ·
    Apprenticeship at MG? There surely aren't many of those. Good luck! (Re. comments on other manufacturers, don't forget these pages can be found with google!)
    patpending ·
    Well, your PMs are full.

    Keith said he has your message, so can go ahead.

    I can't work out how to get the interrent on my phone. It says "Dial 0 for Operator" on it. As for using it as a camera, even if I could work out where to activate it, it's wall-mounted and there's a limit to interesting photos I can take of my kitchen... :lol:
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