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  • simcor ·
    Happy birthday you old bugger lol

    I don't use the forum much nowadays so does not really bother me too much.

    I spend most my time on the FOC seeing as I now own a Ford focus with a Peugeot engine lol.

    MG with a BMW engine, now a Ford with a Peugeot engine lol seem to have a thing for a car with another make of engine in it these days.
    Mike Noc ·
    Will do John. I need to do a bit of hands on car work too - the job list of little things that need doing is growing.
    jimbo ·
    Now that's very kind of you John, not too bad, trust you're in the pink as well.

    Mind you, you're rather lucky to receive a reply within the week as I'd don't frequent these boards as much nowadays - not been the same since the Canadian takeover.
    Spatz ·
    Hi Colvert , I never got to France (wife wants Torquay) so we're looking at locations there , i've been an Audi nut of late but after having an S3 and S4 both have turbos blow on me (excuse the pun) i'm seriously looking at another ZT . Spatz
    daveb57 ·
    Hi John,

    Still here, although not as much now as I no longer have the ZT!! 9 years and 1 month to the day as it went.

    Have a caravan now and the V6 seemed to struggle at times, let alone the fuel consumption!! Have a Mondeo 2.0 diesel Titanium X with the Sport pack, 6 speed, don't even know the van is hanging off the back!!!

    Hope all is well with you and yours, will still pop in and out to see what is going on.


    robinh ·
    Hi Colvert,
    maybe you can help me.
    i live in Durban south africa, and i desperatly need 1 conrod for a rover 75 1.8 turbo.
    do you know of anyone that might have, if you do i have relations in england that can get it and send it on.
    hope you can help, regards
    Robin, [email protected]
    Mike Noc ·
    Good question John. Hadn't noticed but it might have disappeared when I went from Supporter to Registered User.

    I'll look into it.

    top mg zt ·
    Hi there, hope you are keeping well, I pop in from time to time just to see I can help anybody, I enjoyed my time on this forum, I now own Vauxhall Astra 1.9 cdti 175 BHP like the car but still miss my old ZT but I had to let it go as it was starting to cost me, something was failing week by week, when you left me this message I was on holiday in turkey and this is the first time on here, Steve.
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